Content Audit

Streamline Your Content Audit Efforts!

The Problem

Underperforming pages or posts are a drag on your site. Over the years you end up with many pages on your site that do not perform well in search engines or social media.

Time to redo the keyword research and republish the content. But where do you start?

The solution

Our Content Audit brings together data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and the number of backlinks to every page on the site.

You can easily put all of your content into one of the following buckets:

  • Keep It
  • Rewrite It
  • Redirect It
  • Delete It
Screenshot of content audit output
Output of Content Audit

Carl is fully committed in helping build my blog not only SEO but in all aspects. He gives me sound advice about the best, most effective and economical tools needed and works hard at getting my content to rank.”

– Marcellina,